Mapiac is a boutique marketing agency focused on helping artists & celebrities from all over the world gain more popularity on Instagram and TikTok.

We master the latest growth techniques so you can get discovered by new fans every single day. Whether you wish to grow organically or run a paid ad campaign, we got you covered.

With our team you have a professional growth partner that helps you build more fans, popularity and sponsorships.

Dries Meerschaert - Managing Partner of Mapiac | Instagram: driesmeerschaert.official


Our team exists out of young professionals with affinity in social marketing. Our business skills accompanied with in-depth social media knowledge brings a killer combo into play.

Whenever a new update hits one of the social media platforms, we`re among the first to jump through all the details. Trying to discover the next opportunity for the artists & celebrities we work with. We deliver a personalized service that feels like you`re talking to a good friend.

No attitudes or rudeness is allowed within our family! Oh and of course, we love celebrating the big wins with our customers, so buckle up and let`s have some fun together.

Frederik Foket - Managing Partner of Mapiac | Instagram: frederik.foket


Mapiac was founded by Dries Meerschaert and Frederik Foket after they ended their careers at Deloitte Brussels within the IT Security field. Leaving the corporate world behind wasn`t an easy choice but it did allow them to skip two hours of daily traffic jams, which was their first win as a team.

By chasing their own dreams they discovered a tremendous passion for helping artists & celebrities succeed on social media. Around 10 months after quitting their job Mapiac was born: a boutique marketing agency focused on delivering real results on Instagram (and TikTok later on).

Mapiac was founded in one of the most iconic and picturesque cities in the world, named Venice of the North or Bruges (Belgium). Today the team exists out of 7 social media specialists that have worked with over 1000 artists & celebrities since 2015.