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Our team of Instagram experts will help you grow your audience and reach real benefits from your Instagram following

Why choose Mapiac?

Mapiac provides one-of-a-kind service for organically growing your Instagram following. We combine the power of automation with human-moderated targeting, to provide you with a sustainable increase of real-live followers. Get started Today and reach your audience with us!


Are you an Instagram’s rising star or already an established Influencer? We will help you build an engaged online community around your profile!

  • Reach more followers in your niche
  • Improve engagement on you content
  • Get recognized in your industry
  • Build a strong personal brand
  • Monetize your popularity
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Is Instagram presence just a part of your online business strategy? We will help you reach your target audience and drive more sales to your business!

  • Grow your brand’s awareness
  • Drive more sales to your business
  • Connect with Top Influencers from your industry
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Expand to new markets easily
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How does it work?

Process 1 Process 1

Develop an Instagram Strategy

Our team of experts will reach out to you to get a better understanding of how your business works. During this call we identify where your target audience is located, what they are interested in, and which other accounts they follow.


Configuration of Your Campaign

Next we will configure your Instagram profile and the chosen targeting strategy into our software. Your account will then start interacting automatically with your target audience. These interactions are most often a combination of liking pictures and following users within a specific market.

Process 2 Process 2
Process 3 Process 3

Increased Brand Awareness

As soon as the first interactions are initiated, results are visible instantly. Your Instagram profile will grow faster by receiving more likes, comments and followers. There will be a growing stream of traffic to your website as more users discover your profile.


Increased Sales Conversions

Once your campaign launches an Instagram Expert shall help you monetize your profile for the entire duration of the subscription. You can contact your expert whenever you have questions about Instagram, campaign results or you want to re-target to a different market. Your expert will share his expertise to improve your conversions and optimize your profile.

Process 4 Process 4
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What our clients say?

  • Angi Slonova

    Angi Slonova

    Lifestyle blogger - view profile

    Mapiac did some magic I never thought was even possible: They help me to grow my Instagram followers since January 2017 and my followers grew from 5k to 90k! 85k more followers within 10 months! That is still super unbelievable but super exciting for me. But not only that they helped me growing my number, they also ensured great customer service: as everything happened so fast and as I was so new to this, I had many questions about how to use my follower number and how to monetise it. They really helped me all the way, they took this journey together with me which made everything so much easier. As I would consider myself as an Instagram travel- and lifestyle blogger, working with Mapiac led me to great opportunities: I’m working together with several brands now and get connections with like-minded people from all over the world.

  • Anna Pretorius

    Anna Pretorius

    Photographer - view profile

    In the first week Mapiac did what I had taken a whole year to do. In the first month, they had increased my followers by 5 times what I originally had. I think having the larger number of local followers has legitimised my brand within the local market and has resulted in direct Instagram enquiries. I felt well informed about the process, and what I needed to do during the initial configuration of my campaign. The customer service was attentive and helpful. As the campaign progressed, they were also very responsive to the changes I felt should be made in the campaign, and offered some great suggestions.

  • Linton Dils

    Linton Dils

    Model - view profile

    1 year ago I contacted Mapiac to help me grow on Instagram and I haven’t been disappointed ever since. My Instagram account is now growing at approximately 6000 new followers a month. These new followers are interested in my modeling photos and engage with my content. By having more followers I have a higher chance of being selected for runways and photoshoots. So far I was able to land runways for brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Armani, which is a great boost in the right direction.

  • Urban Originals

    Urban Originals

    Fashion label - view profile

    Urban Originals have contracted the services of Mapiac for the past 7 months. To date the results we have seen are entirely in line with the initial service offering.

    We have found our account manager to be very responsive to our requests and he has kept all communication lines open throughout the on boarding process.

    I highly recommend the services of Mapiac.

  • Natthida


    Fashion label - view profile

    Over the past year and a half I have been using the Mapiac services to grow my Instagram account. I believe that every business should be on Instagram nowadays and that growing a big follower base is very important. The good thing about the Mapiac services is that they target an audience within a relevant region. On a consistent basis I am receiving quality followers, many of whom became returning customers.

  • Cosmin Tudoran

    Cosmin Tudoran

    Media - view profile

    Instagram is a very important tool around Romania. For me also, it's a tool for getting my work very close to some real followers. I've been using it daily since Instagram launched, but with all my luck and good will I still needed Mapiac at the end to accelerate my account growth. The speed is wonderful, getting to my audience is more likely a very nice suprise, my fan base is grown and some new followers became acquaintances.

    Ladies, cats, dogs, gentleman, start using Mapiac's service.

  • Steven Wolles

    Steven Wolles

    Photography - view profile

    For quite some time I was actively on the lookout for a method to grow real engaging followers, and therefore, more clients. Through a friend of mine I got in contact with Mapiac, that helped me with this. The results are amazing, I receive plenty of collaboration requests for both local and international photoshoots.

  • Samurai Staking

    Samurai Staking

    Online Poker - view profile

    Mapiac has taken our business to next level in the last year and a half that we have been working together with them, increasing the amount of new potential clients applying to us to an average of two a day. We have now become one of the largest companies in the online poker staking industry. Their service has also helped us become a well known name in the poker community.