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Our team of Instagram experts will help you grow your audience and reach real benefits from your Instagram following

Why Mapiac?

Running a successful profile requires more than just a large audience or a beautiful photo. You’ll need the right followers backed by powerful content, while constantly engaging with them at the most ideal times. Our services cover all these aspects, so you’re fully prepared to reach your best results.

What you get is a personalized, hands-on approach. Your own social media expert will lead you through every step. A deep analysis that will help you build a successful online presence.


Are you an Instagram’s rising star or already an established Influencer? We will help you build an engaged online community around your profile!

  • Reach more followers in your niche
  • Improve engagement on you content
  • Get recognized in your industry
  • Build a strong personal brand
  • Monetize your popularity
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Is Instagram presence just a part of your online business strategy? We will help you reach your target audience and drive more sales to your business!

  • Grow your brand’s awareness
  • Drive more sales to your business
  • Connect with Top Influencers from your industry
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Expand to new markets easily
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On a consistent basis I am receiving quality followers, many of whom became returning customers.

Natthida48k followers

10/10!! Mapiac has supercharged my businesses!

Phillip Silverstein58.9k followers

My analytics have boosted so much and I have landed a few paid jobs as a result of my increased followers and my photos appearing on the explore tab. Read more on my blog

Nick Heinimann7.4k followers

I am a customer for over 1 year now and my Instagram made it possible to land runways for brands like Dolce&Gabbana and Armani.

Linton Dils64k followers

From January 2017 Mapiac made my account grow from 5k to 90k. They helped me all the way and now I’m working with several brands.

Angi Slonova100k followers

How does it work?

Process 1 Process 1

Develop an Instagram Strategy

Our team of experts will reach out to you to get a better understanding of how your business works. During this call we identify where your target audience is located, what they are interested in, and which other accounts they follow.


Configuration of Your Campaign

Next we will configure your Instagram profile and the chosen targeting strategy into our software. Your account will then start interacting automatically with your target audience. These interactions are most often a combination of liking pictures and following users within a specific market.

Process 2 Process 2
Process 3 Process 3

Increased Brand Awareness

As soon as the first interactions are initiated, results are visible instantly. Your Instagram profile will grow faster by receiving more likes, comments and followers. There will be a growing stream of traffic to your website as more users discover your profile.


Increased Sales Conversions

Once your campaign launches an Instagram Expert shall help you monetize your profile for the entire duration of the subscription. You can contact your expert whenever you have questions about Instagram, campaign results or you want to re-target to a different market. Your expert will share his expertise to improve your conversions and optimize your profile.

Process 4 Process 4
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